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Your dream trip with Princess Cruise

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The Logo

“When you set sail with Princess, you’ll tap into the colorful cultures, local cuisine and natural beauty in each port of call, creating unique connections that only come when you explore the world with the destination leader.”

Company motto

When people connect with nature, with culture and with those around them, change happens.


“Come back new”

Come Back New

The soft breeze and spray of the sea are subtle reminders that you’re headed on an adventure to some of the planet’s most fascinating destinations. Princess will introduce you to the tantalizing cuisine, vibrant cultures and awe-inspiring landscapes. On board our welcoming and friendly crew ensures you always feel at home. Fall in love with this wonderful world and let us inspire you to come back new.

Vision statement

“Every day, and in every role, we are Consummate Hosts. We are warm, welcoming, respectful, and professional. Whether working with customers or each other, we are always creating relaxed and rejuvenating vacation experiences and lifelong memories. We value each other’s talent, viewpoints, cultures, and contributions.”

Location of head office

The location of the head office for Princess cruise line is located in Santa Clarita, California, also known as where the headquarters is.

Ownership details

Princess cruise line company is owned by a conglomerate, which is defined by the combination of two or more corporations operating in entirely different industries. It is a part of Carnival Corporation, which is one of the largest vacation companies in the world.

Website link


Sun Princess, Sydney

Size of vessels

The Princess cruise line has a variety of different ship sizes. The Princess fleet includes 18 spectacular ships large and small, with each vessel offering an array of exceptional amenities, including elegant main dining rooms, a thrilling gaming casino, theatres, lounges, freshwater pools and more.

Range of GRT of ship

The range of Princess cruise lines gross tonnage is ranging from the lowest being 30,277 tones for the ship name of “Pacific Princess” to the highest weighed ship of 144,650 tones which is called the “Sky Princess”.

Range of passenger to crew ratio

The amount of crew members in Princess cruise line industry is 12,000 and the passenger amount ranges from the smallest cruise ship of 670 passengers and the biggest ship of 3,660 passengers. The passenger to crew ratio on the smallest ship for Princess cruise line is 0.058 and the largest ship of 0.305.

Ship Registries and Fleets

Princess Cruises have 17 types of fleets. These fleets’ registries are located at two different locations. Mostly, the ships are in Bermuda except for 4 ships. These 4 ships’ registry is in the UK. Among the fleets, Majestic Princess was built in 2017, but rest of the ships were made between 1995 and 2008. Averagely, the fleets’ age is more than 15 years, and Sea Princess was refurbished in 2005.

Connecting Staterooms

Newly-married couple

Demographic Of Passengers

Princess cruise ships are world-wide, and they provide different itineraries depending on the travellers. Firstly, many families take a cruise because they offer interconnected staterooms for a larger family. Also, they have Family Game Competitions, and Group daycare for Parents who may want a night out. They also provide events for family reunions, so all generations can enjoy the voyage. Besides that, most of the cruise beginners will enjoy the trip with Princess Cruise because the company primarily provides short trip plans that include accommodation, world-class restaurants, and entertainment in the fare so that travellers can enjoy a full-service cruise. Also, new voyagers are sometimes newly-married or engaged couples, and that will make the voyage with Princess Cruises enjoyable because of services that are more romantic, such as Chocolate Journey, Lotus Spa, and other wedding events. Overall, most of the ages can travel with this company because they support all groups and events with their cruises.

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Most popular itinerary

This year, Princess Cruises will celebrate its 50year anniversary in Alaska, and they have also been nominated for number one cruise line in Alaska. As Alaska is the most popular cruise itinerary of Princess Cruises, there are various itineraries. Among the plans, Denali Explorer navigates the explorers to breathtaking nature for 10 days, and travellers can explore both the ocean along with the land. This itinerary is customized because they can choose a departure port, such as Vancouver, Fairbanks, or Anchorage. In the case of departure from Vancouver, the cruise sails the Gulf of Alaska for 7 days. The cruise with glacier view at Glacier Bay National Park. After that, the cruise stops on the land for 3 days, so passengers visit Mt. McKinley and Denali. The tourists also visit Denali National Park, Kenai National Park, and the Copper River. After exploring the land in Alaska, they arrive at Fairbanks at the very end of their trip. This voyage will allow travellers the opportunity to experience the breathtaking world of Alaska. This voyage starts in May 2019 and lasts to September 2019.

Experience family cruising with Princess


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Having fun with Disney Cruises!!

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The Logo

A Disney cruise ship cuts through the ocean with clouds and a rainbow in the sky

Disney Magic

Disney princess

Waterside on the ship


There’s something for everyone


"The Sea is Calling, Answer it Royally.”

Vision Statement

The Walt Disney Company’s objective is to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Using its portfolio of brands to differentiate its content, services and consumer products.

Location of Head Office

The location of the head office for Disney Cruises in Celebration, Florida, United States.

Ownership Details

Disney Cruise Line ownership by Walt Disney Company, they currently operates four vessels: Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy. Three as-yet-unnamed ships will join the fleet.

Website Link


Size of Vessels

The 4 ships of Disney Cruise Line family have different size, but they all belong to larger vessels.
Range of GRT of ship: The range of Disney Cruise Line gross tonnage is 83,969 GT. The Disney Magic and Disney Wonder are about 83,000 GT to 85,000 GT, and Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy are 40% larger than the two older ships, these are about 130,000 GT.

Range of Passengers to Crew Ratio

Disney Magic has carried 2400 passengers and a crew of 945, it is similar to Disney Wonder. The other two bigger ships can accommodate 4000 passengers, a crew of 1458.

Country of Ship’s Registry

The Bahamas

Overview of Companies’ Line’s Fleet of Ships

The oldest ship of Disney Cruise Line is Disney Dream, built in 1998. Next year, the Walt Disney Company was built the Disney Wonder. In 2011, the Disney Dream was entered into the line, and Disney Fantasy has joined the family of Disney Cruise Line in 2012. The average age of those four ships of Disney Cruise Line is 13 years old. Disney Magic and Disney Wonder was refurbishment this year.


Many people might have a stereotype of Disney Cruise Lines, and only take it as a kids destination. In fact, as the motto said “There’s something for everyone,” Disney Cruises are not just for family with small children, they also offer many activities for adults, including the adults-only pools, upscale spas, nightclubs, lounges, spa, art gallery and romantic restaurants. Even more, on the Disney private Bahamas island, Castaway Cay, one of the beaches, Serenity Bay Beach, is reserved for those aged 18 and up, and a 5-kilometre run is popular with adults.

However, if you are planning a family vacation, Disney Cruise Line is always the first choice. The well-trained staff are able to take care for kids from age 3 months to 17 years, including the babysitting for babies and toddlers. The Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab for age 3 to 12, and two youth clubs for age 11 to 14 and 14 to 17. There is about 50% of the decks are designed for kids area to play and learn. In the kid's section, the young passengers can meet Disney characters, such as Disney princesses, superheroes, and, for sure, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, in the restaurants or the show, such as Frozen, Tangled and Twice Charmed.

In addition, the staterooms of Disney ships cater to families like no others in the cruise world. You will feel roomy in the standard cabins, and it can fit at least 3-4 people with the couch bed and bunks. Most of the staterooms have 1.5 bathrooms, and it is more convenient for families. The family-friendly facilities, like Goofy’s Pool, Donald’s Pool, Walt Disney Theatre and Buena Vista Theatre are the places creating unforgettable memories for kids and their parents.

Most popular itinerary

Disney Cruise Line offers 10 destination choices, including Alaska, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Pacific Coast, Panama Canal and Transatlantic Cruises, with different length packages. The ships depart from cities of Europe, US or Canada, like Barcelona, Rome, Copenhagen, Dover, Galveston, Miami, New York, Port Canaveral, San Diego, San Juan and Vancouver. In 2017, Disney Cruise Line won the top-rated cruise line private island destination on Cruisers’ Choice. Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas is the most popular feature with all the cruise lines.

The 3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Florida to the Bahamas is the most popular itinerary in all lines. The ship departs from Port Canaveral, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas and Disney Castaway Cay then back to Florida. It’s a year around cruise line with Disney Dream, Disney Wonder and Disney Fantasy. The passenger will spend one day on the private island to enjoy stunning natural view and activities. For example, BBQ on the beaches, snorkelling in the lagoon or exploring the Scuttle’s Cove with Disney counsellors. If you are an adventurer, the island also provides boat rentals.

In November this year, the price for Bahamian Cruise with Disney Dream starting from 1710 USD to 1845 USD, based on 2 people in one stateroom. Taxes, fees and port expenses are 128.74 USD.

Disney Cruise Line Hyperlapse | Disney Parks


The Logo
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Sea Cruises

Sea Cruise

Titanic, 1912

Sea Cruise is a type of water travel which takes place normally on a bigger ship, however, there are smaller cruise ships available as well. In this form of travel, you can travel from one place to another, by stopping in different places and ports along the way. Today we are going to focus on the Sea Cruises, and one of the significant differences between other cruises and Sea Cruise is that the latter takes place on a sea and they have bigger sized vessels. Sea Cruises are a vacation and the passengers taking the cruise are presented with all the amenities, entertainment, cuisines and luxury on the ship. Since sea cruises are larger they can accommodate a huge number of people and they offer a different range of accommodation on the ships.


We have all learned in history classes how water was a mode of transportation in the earlier times for trade, but only did it become a mode of leisure and pleasure travel after the invention of the steam engine. During those times there were ships which took passengers from one place to another, but they really started to focus on the wealthy patrons in the early 1900s. These passengers enjoyed the high style and luxury so as the cruise ships had their focus on these passengers, they made their ships to be more luxurious. But along with high society people travelling there was also a lower-deck class of service called “steerage”. As the ocean cruises grew bigger and bigger, more companies started to re-build their ships to be faster and more luxurious. One of the first companies to do this was The Cunard Line in 1907, and only 5 years after a disaster occurred when Titanic, the “unsinkable” ship sank and lost 1495 passengers and crew. However, that didn’t stop the ocean liners from thriving until the end of World War I. What really did affect the sea cruise industry was when Pan American World Airways flew the first non-stop passenger flight. People preferred flying to their destination and the cruise industry went in decline, to survive companies were forced to redesign what cruising with them was, and they changed the idea of cruise ships to an experience; a vacation itself. As a result, we have what we have now, a ship with tons of entertainment and relaxation on board along with exotic destinations on the way.

Why is it Unique?

The idea of being able to sleep and waking up in the middle of the sea or at a new port is extremely unique. As compared to other modes of travel, sea cruises not only take you from one place to another but it also gives you the experience, the relaxation and the opportunity. A ship with everything you can think of from a nice room with a view to entertainment such as movies, theater and casinos. Great food and amazing amenities like swimming pool, spas, café etc. Another unique thing about a sea cruise is that you only have to unpack once and you are good for the rest of the days left in the ship. It takes you to many destinations in your desired location and you are able to cover so much and also enjoy the period while you are en route to you next port.


According to (CLIA) Cruise Line International Association, the demography who enjoys and is most interested in sea cruises are Gen X, then Gen Y (millennial), boomers and finally traditionalists. Travel Report indicate that cruising is experiencing a rejuvenation as Gen Xers and Millennial are becoming enthusiast cruisers and the “Cruise Generation” is adopting the cruising lifestyle. (CLIA, 2017) Millennial and Gen X are known to be as the new generation of cruisers and it has been shown through a study that they prefer Sea and Ocean cruises more than other vacations such as camping trips, a resort vacation package, river cruises etc.

Benefits and Disadvantages

Every kind of travel has their own pros and cons, as for Sea Cruises I have some of the benefits and disadvantages for you to consider. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a sea cruise I think is the fact that no matter what age or kind of person you are, it is most likely for you to find your desired destination and itinerary. If you don’t like to be around to many people, you have the option to choose a smaller ship with less people. Sea cruises are also an easy way to visit many destinations without having to worry about how to get there and by not having to unpack too many times. Another benefit would be that it gives you the opportunity to sample destinations for future non-cruise vacations. (CLIA,2017)
Along with benefits comes drawbacks, and with sea cruises we have some of the significant ones to consider as well. Since the growing cruise generations are the Gen X and Millennial, the biggest drawback would be how much it would cost them. Sea Cruises are generally considered to be pricier as compared to other travels. Another disadvantage sea cruise have is it if you were to miss your ship from the embarkation point or a port that you were visiting, the ship will not wait for you. Finally, say the weather suddenly gets bad and due to all the waves on the sea surface, you can be really sea sick and that would not be the desired state one would like to be in on a cruise.


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