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Your dream trip with Princess Cruise

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The Logo

“When you set sail with Princess, you’ll tap into the colorful cultures, local cuisine and natural beauty in each port of call, creating unique connections that only come when you explore the world with the destination leader.”

Company motto

When people connect with nature, with culture and with those around them, change happens.


“Come back new”

Come Back New

The soft breeze and spray of the sea are subtle reminders that you’re headed on an adventure to some of the planet’s most fascinating destinations. Princess will introduce you to the tantalizing cuisine, vibrant cultures and awe-inspiring landscapes. On board our welcoming and friendly crew ensures you always feel at home. Fall in love with this wonderful world and let us inspire you to come back new.

Vision statement

“Every day, and in every role, we are Consummate Hosts. We are warm, welcoming, respectful, and professional. Whether working with customers or each other, we are always creating relaxed and rejuvenating vacation experiences and lifelong memories. We value each other’s talent, viewpoints, cultures, and contributions.”

Location of head office

The location of the head office for Princess cruise line is located in Santa Clarita, California, also known as where the headquarters is.

Ownership details

Princess cruise line company is owned by a conglomerate, which is defined by the combination of two or more corporations operating in entirely different industries. It is a part of Carnival Corporation, which is one of the largest vacation companies in the world.

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Sun Princess, Sydney

Size of vessels

The Princess cruise line has a variety of different ship sizes. The Princess fleet includes 18 spectacular ships large and small, with each vessel offering an array of exceptional amenities, including elegant main dining rooms, a thrilling gaming casino, theatres, lounges, freshwater pools and more.

Range of GRT of ship

The range of Princess cruise lines gross tonnage is ranging from the lowest being 30,277 tones for the ship name of “Pacific Princess” to the highest weighed ship of 144,650 tones which is called the “Sky Princess”.

Range of passenger to crew ratio

The amount of crew members in Princess cruise line industry is 12,000 and the passenger amount ranges from the smallest cruise ship of 670 passengers and the biggest ship of 3,660 passengers. The passenger to crew ratio on the smallest ship for Princess cruise line is 0.058 and the largest ship of 0.305.

Ship Registries and Fleets

Princess Cruises have 17 types of fleets. These fleets’ registries are located at two different locations. Mostly, the ships are in Bermuda except for 4 ships. These 4 ships’ registry is in the UK. Among the fleets, Majestic Princess was built in 2017, but rest of the ships were made between 1995 and 2008. Averagely, the fleets’ age is more than 15 years, and Sea Princess was refurbished in 2005.

Connecting Staterooms

Newly-married couple

Demographic Of Passengers

Princess cruise ships are world-wide, and they provide different itineraries depending on the travellers. Firstly, many families take a cruise because they offer interconnected staterooms for a larger family. Also, they have Family Game Competitions, and Group daycare for Parents who may want a night out. They also provide events for family reunions, so all generations can enjoy the voyage. Besides that, most of the cruise beginners will enjoy the trip with Princess Cruise because the company primarily provides short trip plans that include accommodation, world-class restaurants, and entertainment in the fare so that travellers can enjoy a full-service cruise. Also, new voyagers are sometimes newly-married or engaged couples, and that will make the voyage with Princess Cruises enjoyable because of services that are more romantic, such as Chocolate Journey, Lotus Spa, and other wedding events. Overall, most of the ages can travel with this company because they support all groups and events with their cruises.

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Most popular itinerary

This year, Princess Cruises will celebrate its 50year anniversary in Alaska, and they have also been nominated for number one cruise line in Alaska. As Alaska is the most popular cruise itinerary of Princess Cruises, there are various itineraries. Among the plans, Denali Explorer navigates the explorers to breathtaking nature for 10 days, and travellers can explore both the ocean along with the land. This itinerary is customized because they can choose a departure port, such as Vancouver, Fairbanks, or Anchorage. In the case of departure from Vancouver, the cruise sails the Gulf of Alaska for 7 days. The cruise with glacier view at Glacier Bay National Park. After that, the cruise stops on the land for 3 days, so passengers visit Mt. McKinley and Denali. The tourists also visit Denali National Park, Kenai National Park, and the Copper River. After exploring the land in Alaska, they arrive at Fairbanks at the very end of their trip. This voyage will allow travellers the opportunity to experience the breathtaking world of Alaska. This voyage starts in May 2019 and lasts to September 2019.

Experience family cruising with Princess


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